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Tens of millions of Americans feel it everyday...
That great respect and admiration for our soldiers and their families who have made every sacrifice asked of them over these past 8 years.

Regardless of political affiliations, Americans everywhere have searched for ways to do their small part... for some it's a Memorial Day observance on a town green, for others it's a simple handshake with a soldier in a supermarket parking lot.

From a small town in Connecticut, a father and son team considered what they could do. Their collaboration inspired the call for the March of Honor - "A National Day of Recognition".

As they talked to others it was clear...
Many Americans felt that the soldiers and their families of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom (OEF and OIF) deserved formal recognition from a grateful Nation.  And so, with the help of friends and others in the fields of web technology and direct marketing, the March of Honor™ campaign was born.

Now, you can become part of the March of Honor campaign.
The campaign has two clear goals:

  • To Honor our OEF and OIF service men and women in a formal, bold and public way with a "National Day of Recognition", so that all Americans can offer their collective "Thank You".
  • To give back with direct, financial support to organizations who care for OEF and OIF soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors and their families. These organizations understand their needs best and we will support them.

Here is how...
This web site has been designed to make it easy for you to take advantage of exclusive "web-to-print" technology to deliver a very clear message.

Together, we expect to deliver millions of 1st class mailed cards to our elected and appointed government officials, calling on them to designate and promote a "National Day of Recognition" for the soldiers and families of Operations Enduring (Afghanistan) and Iraqi Freedom.

Our cards will be their voice.
The men and women of the military and "warfighters" in particular, are notoriously humble and quiet-spoken about their service. We will be their voice.

Our intention is to flood the offices of past and current government officials, as well as other influential citizens with our emphatic request that we honor these men, women and their families formally and as one Nation.

Our resolve and desire will be clear to dozens of officials in Washington, DC.

And making your voice heard with all of the impact of personally delivered, 1st class postal mail, to the people who can make a "National Day of Recognition" happen, has never been easier.

Best of all...  
Every card that is sent calling for the March of Honor - "A National Day of Recognition", is its own fundraising machine and provides for direct, financial assistance to those soldiers and families who most need it.

You can learn more about our giving plan by visiting the "MOH Gives" tab.

We hope you will join the millions of other Americans in this very public and national call to honor our service men and women of OEF and OIF with the March of Honor.

Please visit the "Send Mail" tab and let your cards be their voice!


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