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The Blog: News, Updates, Future Campaigns and Commentary.

At the March of Honor Blog, we will be posting news items, events, additional beneficiaries, comments and recommendations by visitors to the March of Honor web site.

Also, please visit the blog to learn more about the friends of the March of Honor campaign who have helped bring this project to life. You can learn about their backgrounds and their charitable contributions to other veteran causes.

 Websites of Interest.

These links may be useful to people wishing to learn more about Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and our Soldiers. Please feel free to submit other links that may be considered informative, of human interest, soldier or soldier-family centric.

Please bear in mind that the March of Honor campaign is strictly apolitical and it is singularly focused on the care of OEF and OIF warfighters and their families. Both of these wars have taken their toll on soldiers and their families. That is our concern and we leave the political issues to others.

Site Badge and Logo.

We encourage you to place the March of Honor - "A National Day of Recognition"™ logo on your own web site, blog or email. It's easy to do and it helps March Of Honor spread the word.

Simply copy the image (all the techie stuff is built in to the image itself) and paste it in to your web site, blog or email signature. Then when any one of your friends, family or visitors clicks on the logo, they will be taken to the March of Honor - "A National Day of Recognition"™ site. If you would like to download the logo please Right Click the image and Save As.

Videos and Contributions.

The MarchOfHonor.Org "A National Day Of Recognition" campaign could not have come together without the help of many veteran-minded Americans.

Please visit the blog where you can read about friends of the campaign who have given of their time and talent for the cause. Bios of those who appear in our videos and those who have lent technical skills and guidance to the campaign are provided and will be updated as more Americans pitch in and lend their talents to the cause.

March Of Honor would also like to thank the AmazingMail team for all that they have done on the technical side of this project.  They have stood squarely behind the goal of the March Of Honor from the beginning.

MOH Gear.

MarchOfHonor.org has set up a store with accessories that supporters can purchase and wear.  

As with March of Honor "A National Day Of Recognition" cards, profits from the MOH Gear store will also go to fund our OEF/OIF beneficiaries, referred to in the "We Give" area.

It is important that the March Of Honor spreads the word as far and wide as possible. One of the best ways to do this can be with a t-shirt, baseball cap or bumper sticker for your car, guitar case or laptop. It's all in the name of building something wonderful for our Troops and their families, who depend on us for support, generosity and kindness.

Contact Information.

Please feel free to write, email or call for more information, questions and comments you may have on the March of Honor campaign.

For general information, questions and comments, please use our Contact form in the "Participate" area.
The March Of Honor phone number is also available for those who might prefer to place their order over the phone. That number is: (866) 611-3758

You may also email us at orders(at)marchofhonor.org and we will call you back to place your order. Please use the actual "@" symbol in the place of "(at)" in the above address. We do this to keep from having our email addresses spammed.

Our regular mail address is:

March of Honor - "A National Day of Recognition"
P.O. Box 202
Centerbrook, CT 06409
Our phone number is: (866) 611-3758



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